Simple-Span Response Spectrum Generator

This progams calculates the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) for a simple-span beam.  Spans range from 1 to 50 feet.  Enter the appropriate values below, then click "Moment" to generate a response spectrum for bending moment.   Clicking "Shear" will generate a response spectrum for the maximum shear (and end reaction).  These DAF values apply at midspan for bending, and at the ends for shear.

The applied load is a sinusoidal function with frequency Omega.  The maximum intensity is given by P.

Once the chart is generated, select the actual span, and project over to find the DAF for that specific case.  This is the factor by which static shears and moments are magnfied by the dynamic load.

P = plf
Omega = Hz
EI = lb in2
Mass = plf


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