Wells & Scaletty provides consulting engineering to architects who want excellent service. We have years of experience with myriad building types, and we love architecture. We believe that structure is an integral part of any design. We work closely with the architects to help transform their vision into physical reality. Here is what we think architects expect in an engineer:

The perfect design, delivered a day late, is still a failure. Nothing is more frustrating, or damaging, than consultants who don't deliver. We know the most critical success factor for your business is meeting schedules.

Buildings are complex assemblies, each one is an untried experiment, and the standard-of-care expected by clients continues to rise. Problems, when they appear, are usually at the division between disciplines. Issues not discovered till construction can jeopardize the architect's relationship with the client. We have the experience to find the "gray areas" that fall between architecture and engineering.

Clients want rigid cost-control and they expect maximum value for each construction dollar. Engineers can kill a project by over-designing, making unwise decisions, or proclaiming, “You can’t do that.” Experience and wisdom are required to find the appropriate construction method or solution to a design problem. Economy, beauty, and safety are entirely compatible in the right hands.

You have to speak the language of architecture. You must understand the designer's intent and help execute it. You need to be able to think laterally and contribute to the design. Furthermore, coordinating the architectural detailing , mechanical/electrical systems, and the contractor's needs require good communication skills and accessibility. We commit ourselves to serving your needs. We define a successful project as one that makes you look good to your client.

Wells & Scaletty has experience in many market sectors and construction types. We have worked on both coasts and across the Midwest. Our experience ranges from single- story, wood-framed structures to high-rise projects. We offer our expertise in the following areas:

We love to learn and share ideas. Whether it is engineering, computer technology, architecture, or art: we consume it all. And we love to teach what we’ve learned. Wells & Scaletty, LLC looks forward to interacting with you and learning from you.

We are eager to demonstrate our capabilities! We want to earn your business and your loyalty.